CAD Assignments

The Guide Plate

Create this drawing using the following different methods:
  1. Direct Distance Entry Specify a second point by first moving the cursor to indicate direction and then entering a distance (Save in your folder as Direct)
  2. Relative Rectangular Coordinates (Format: @X,Y) Type the X and Y coordinates relative to the last point (Save in your folder as Relative)
  3. Absolute Coordinates (Format: X,Y) Type the X and Y coordinates to locate the point on the current coordinate system relative to the origin (Save in your folder as Absolute)







Exercise 1-1-20


Create this drawing by using the fastest and easiest methods of defining positions

(Save in your folder as 1.1.20)






Exercise 2-1-20

New method of defining positions, geometric entities Relative Polar Coordinates

Relative Polar Coordinate System (Format: @Distance<angle) Type a distance and angle relative to the last point

(Save in your folder as 2.1.20)






Exercise 1-2-20

New Features
  • Tangent
  • Object Snap
  • TTR

(Save in your folder as 1.2.20)





Exercise 2-2-20







Extra Credit







Exercise 1-4-27

Click here for AutoCAD Template File








CO2 Car

Draw this Car in AutoCAD and give yourself 2" between your front view and your top view when creating constructions lines

Click here CO2 Car Project